The WoodStock Hub

In response to recent speculation about The Woodstock Hub (Pty) Ltd, a spokesman for The Hub said:

“We acquired the properties at 120 – 128 Bromwell Street, Woodstock, on the 30th of October 2013 from the seller, Reza Syms, with a contractual agreement that they would be vacant on transfer.

The seller indicated to us that he had made arrangements with the occupants to vacate the properties prior to transfer as he was the original landlord that placed the tenants in the property.  One of the properties, number 120 Bromwell, was vacated by Mr. Ganief Gerun on Tuesday the 1st of July 2014, as agreed between himself and the Seller, but the rest remained occupied.  

This meant that we at The Hub had no choice but to resort to eviction procedures so that we could develop Bromwell Street as intended on purchase, and as is our legal right. After multiple lengthy and costly legal proceedings, Judge President Hlophe of the High Court of Western Cape found in our favour on 8th of August 2016, and, following various appeals, ruled that the occupants must finally vacate the property by the 9th of September 2016.  This agreement was signed by all 28 of the occupants and made an order of court by Acting Judge Weinkove of the Western Cape High Court.  To date this has not happened.  

We fully recognise and honour the rights and opinions of all parties involved and have done everything within our power to resolve the matter peacefully and respectfully while also covering the tenants in residence costs, including utility bills and rates to date, since transfer on the 4th March 2015.  

It's important to state that the Hub did not acquire the properties with the intention of them being occupied and as circumstances unfolded we have maintained high levels of sensitivity and respect for the process and the right of all Occupants of the properties.  However, we now need to proceed with developing this property and making a meaningful contribution to the vibrant Woodstock community with our investment.”